I can't say enough good things about Portland. It is the such an inspiring place. Creativity spilling out of each neighborhood. There are endless amounts of independent coffee shops and book stores. I have never seen so many buy, sell, trade clothing stores. My favorite was the Red Light Clothing Exhchange.

This is the Ace Hotel!!! The most creative and inspiring hotel I have stayed in. I have never seen so many little design details incorporated into a hotel. Everything had a handmade touch. If it wasn't crocheted it was covered in old army fabric. Stumptown coffee shop was attached to the lobby of the hotel. I had to try the famous $15 cup of coffee. Sadly disappointed. I think it was prepared the wrong way because it tasted like water. I have to say that their non-$15 coffees were the best I had tasted in a long time. I highly recommend staying at the Ace Hotel. This way you are close to Powells Bookstore. I spent a few hours exploring each floor of this enchanted emporium. I bought so many vintage books that I had to ship a box full home.

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