As I was playing around withe the Brigitte Bardot photos it reminded me of an old photo of my mom. I went searching through her old modeling photos and found it! Such the beauty with her sun-kissed freckled face and bleached out hair.  I surprised her with these collages for her birthday! Take a peek at her blog, Zendoll Worshop, and you will see where I get my biggest source of inspiration!



The Beckerman ladies found these original Brigitte Bardot photos at an amazing store in Amsterdam!!!!! What a find!!!  I could not believe my eyes the first time I saw these treasures. Chloe commissioned me to make an art piece for her new home in L.A and it was a treat to make!!! Love you Chloe!!!! Click here to see photos of the Beckerman adventures in Amsterdam. 



This is a very belated post on CRAFT studio!!! This is my boyfriend, Mahmood Popal's,  design company. The photos above are of Nyood Bar. Mahmood designed this space in collaboration with his friend Emil Teliki. I helped out a tiny bit by adding some writing to the walls. It looks a little bit like I am in detention.hhehe. Many more projects and photos to come!!!!!!
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