I used to go out of my way on travels to visit Anthropologie. So happy they have finally made it to Canada! Their store design and displays are unrivaled in my opinion. I am constantly inspired by the work their design teams do and I love the fact that they have a craft studio in the back of each store. 
These are only a few of my favourite things from this season. Visit them online to see more. 


PinkBalloons&Macaroons said...

Ooooh!! fabulous pics!! I just adore Anthro!! Don't they have the coolest things there?! I need to go to Anthropologie again. My favorite one to go to is in Portland,Or. Because it is close to me and it has no tax. (yay!) My friends and I are going to eat out at a restraunt next to Anthro and then go shopping. We are doing a swap of gifts we make each other too. So fun! Anyway...sorry for the rambling.lol. I hope you have a great night!! hugs! Britt

danny & dani said...

I love the Anthro in Portland!! I went there this summer! Portland is such an inspiring town...lots of creativity.

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