I went to Montreal last weekend so I wanted to share some of my finds.

- Olive + Gourmando for breakfast and lunch. This is the cutest little Cafe in Old Montreal.
Soups, sandwiches (on the craziest focaccia bread), salads, and a million baked goods.
- Aux Vivres for breakfast, lunch, dinner, every day!!! This is one tasty vegan diner. I am still mad at myself for not buying the secret dragon sauce!! watch out Fresh!!!
-Schwartzs famous deli for a mid- day feast. There was a long line so we had to try it. Their famous smoked meat sandwiches with black cherry pop is pretty darn good. Just as we sat down, a young man was being wheeled out to an ambulance waiting outside. I was praying it was not a reaction to the food. I made it through the calorie packed snack alive but I stayed full all night and missed out on my next recommendation.
- Au Pied du Cochon- My friend Brianne highly recommended going here for dinner. I read a bunch of blogs that mentions how amazing this place is.
- Juliette et Chocolat for chocolate fondue and crepes. This place served different vintages of liquid chocolate like it was fine wine. Yum...chocolate lovers heaven.

Monastiraki: This shop/gallery/art studio/museum to random objects was the most inspiring store I saw in Montreal. If there is one store we are missing in toronto it is this. This magical little place turns into an enchanting community space for art workshops and "micro" concerts.
Leora looks like the cutest little vintage shop... through the windows!!! I wouldn't know what it was really like because I went to visit it on a Sunday and it was closed. boo. too bad. I am sure it is amazing because it was recommended by the most adorable Isabelle of YeYe style blog.
Thank you Isabelle!!!
Les etoffes was a really cute boutique on Saint Laurent. So happy to see Ken Chow's Krane bags there!
Armee du salut- go to all of them! Good stuff!
Village des Valeurs- more good stuff but value village is getting more and more expensive!!

-Lots of things are closed on Sunday and Monday.
-Almost every store closes at 5pm!!!!
-Bring some sort of French translation device. Although Montreal is bilingual you may get stuck when a horse carriage driver is yelling instructions at you or you get lost in Dorian on a detour a fraincais. I know, I put my Canadian heritage to shame with my lack of french.
- Montreal is a great city to bike around. You can rent bixi bikes but they can get mighty pricey if you want to use them for more than 90 minutes.


Michael said...

I'm not gonna lie,
those are adorable!

YeYe said...

Aww I am so sorry LĂ©ora was closed! They use to be open on Sunday's! They were only closed on Monday's before. Did you find anything interesting during your stay?




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