Vintage hiking boots from Trashyourself Vintage

    Chitah mini dress from Hold My Gold Vintage

    Unicorn tatoo from Julia Pott Illustration

    Ice cream cone necklace from Gingerbread Jewelry

   Perfect Match matchbox necklace from Yellowgoat

     Etienne Aigner pumps from Bitsywearsvintage

Little Bo Sheep from the Runny Bunny

Light shade from Nice

Wolf Pendant from Poodlebreath

I apologize that most of these items are sold!! I don't intend to inflict shopping torture. At least you can shop for other fun things at each of these etsy shops! You can see the rest of my favorites on my non-existent etsy shop.I promise I will have some items to sell in time for the holidays. 


Stéphanie said...

I need everything !

danny & dani said...

Thanks Stéphanie! I really love your blog!!

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