I saw Cocorosie play at the opera house last week. It was the most captivating show I have ever seen. Sisters, Bianca and Sierra Cassidy gave a magical performance. They are widely eccentric in every way and their costumes and makeup tell a different story each time they perform. Bianca was sporting masculine garb, as she usually does, and her makeup drew resemblance to a raccoon. Sierra's neon outfit interacted with the black light that they had at he front of the stage. Her face was painted white with florescent pink highlights. She wore many a layers of colourful unitards with a gold bathing suit on top. It took me three songs to realize that all of the background beats were coming from one guy beatboxing. He was amazing too!!! If Cocorosie comes near you, I highly recommend going to see their show.
There is an interesting documentary called The Eternal Children featuring Cocorosie too!

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